The NB Center Collection by Brooklin Models is the result of a collaboration between The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage, an institution dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the American cars of the everyman and Brooklin Models, the last great manufacturer of hand assembled 1:43 scale all white metal car models.

This collection represents a celebration of American Automotive history and heritage. It pays homage to the golden age of the American Automotive industry and The NB Center with a level of detail and craftsmanship that is more akin to fine jewelry than to the best models or the most exclusive cars in the world.

The first six models, released in November 2021, will be followed with regular releases of new models. Each new model will be another gem of detailed hand craftsmanship unrivaled in the industry.

The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage is an institution dedicated to the preservation of American automotive history and heritage through its collections and commitments to craftsmanship, education and outreach. It is a hub of excellence in the area of restoration and preservation.


The Center primarily focuses on the cars of the everyman, more specifically, the middle market cars made between the 1920’s and the 1960’s. The NB Center is not a traditional museum, the cars in the collection are not on static display. The philosophy is cars must be seen, heard and experienced while in motion to be appreciated. To achieve this, all cars in the collection are maintained in ready to drive condition at all times. Guests are often invited to go for rides.

For over 40 years Brooklin have built white metal models, entirely handmade, made and designed in Bath, England. Through our models we aim to tell the story of the automobile industry, its successes and failures, its icons and disasters, the luxurious and mundane. During the late seventies, Brooklin was amongst many white metal artisans creating models of American and European cars in 1:43 scale.
Today, the artisans at Brooklin are dedicated to maintaining the tradition of hands-on craftsmanship it takes to build a white-metal model.